Lodge Eighty Eight - White River Ontario - Fishing Lodge
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Live Bait

We keep a good supply of bait, including night crawlers, minnows and leeches available for purchase at the Bait Shop on the dock.

Boats and Motors

Packages include a Lund SSV-16 aluminum boat powered by dependable 20 or 25hp Yamaha outboards (2 guests per boat). All boats are equipped with padded seats for your fishing comfort. We also provide life jackets (for your comfort, we would advise bringing your own), cushions, landing nets and bait buckets.

Fish finders are available.  Subject to availability.

Boxed Lunches

American plan guests may choose to have a boxed lunch prepared for your day on the lake.  Please arrange with your table server.

American plan guests who will be departing by train for Sudbury will have a boxed lunch prepared and ready for pick up in the main lodge prior to departure.  Please confirm with your server.

Housekeeping guests may arrange and purchase a boxed lunch with advance notice to the kitchen for a $12.00 fee.

Business Centre

Visit our main lodge where we have wifi for your laptop, tablet or mobile device.  There is also a computer and printer available for use.  A telephone is available for calls.

Complimentary Continental Breakfast 

Complimentary continental breakfast is available to our all guests 7am to 9am and is served in our dining room in the main lodge.

Dining Room

All meals are served in our dining room in the main lodge.

Continental Breakfast 7am to 9am
Breakfast 7:30am to 9am
Lunch Noon to 1pm
Dinner 6pm to 7pm

Dock Service

When you arrive at the dock each morning, you will find your boat has been cleaned, the seats wiped down and the motor running. Dock staff are on hand to make sure your gas tanks are full and that you have the bait you require. Our dock staff will greet you and service your boat each time you return to camp so that you are always ready for the open water!


Electricity is generated on site with our diesel power plants.  To help the environment we do turn off the generators afternoons (1-4pm) and overnight (1-6am).  Should you require electricity during this time for breathing machines, etc. please request one of our portable power packs.

Fish Cleaning

Once you return to camp with your catch of the day, you can make arrangements with one of our friendly dock staff to clean and freeze your fish for your trip home. For better service please tip your fish cleaner.


Tipping is a personal choice and we do not assess any service charges on your final billing.  However should you wish to tip one of our staff you can do so directly with that staff member or through the office.  We do not pool tips and do not take any fee out of any tips left through the office.


Our professional fishing guides have been fishing these lakes for many years and know where the fish are. They will be happy to advise anyone on the best types of lures and bait as well as indicating the 'hotspots' on our lake map (provided to everyone). All are experienced, eager to get you fishing and all-round fine fellows with whom to enjoy your day on the lake!

Fishing Guides can be booked in advance or at time of vacation.  Cost is $250 per day for up to 4 guests.  $20 per person additional for 5-8 guests, 9 or more will need 2 guides.  Live bait not included in rate.  HST tax not included in rate.  Cost will be added to your final billing.  Also included is your choice of a fresh fish shore lunch (weather permitting) or a bag lunch provided by the kitchen staff.  Please plan on having a great day!


Cube and block ice is available at the main lodge at no charge.


WIFI is available free of charge in the main lodge via satellite.


All guests must obtain their fishing licenses and Outdoors Card en route as licenses are no longer available at the lodge or air base.  You can also obtain your fishing license on-line with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Life Jackets

Each guest must have a Personal Floatation Device that fits properly, is in good condition and approved for wear in Canada and/or the USA. We do have life jackets available. However we require for your comfort and safety all guests supply their own government approved PFD's for children.

Maid Service

American plan guests will receive daily maid service.  Should inclement weather keep guests on shore or should you not wish maid service we are always pleased to remove trash and provide extra clean towels.  To help the environment bedding will be changed at your request or midway during the week for stays of six nights or longer.

Housekeeping guests will have trash removed and clean towel service daily.

Meetings and Conferences

Our conference room can accommodate up to twelve comfortably and our dining room can easily be converted for larger groups.  We can provide mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and even cater a shore lunch in camp for your group.

Mobile Phones

Due to our remote location there is no mobile phone service.  However your wifi equipped smart phone can be used in our main lodge for email, internet and other internet based apps.

Packing For Your Flight

In order to facilitate loading the aircraft (and to guard against unnecessary injury) we request you do not bring extra-large coolers, plastic containers or luggage. These heavy items generally do not fit well in our aircraft and make loading difficult. Coolers and plastic containers should not be longer than two feet and duffle bags should not be longer than three feet. Fishing rods should be broken down and packed in cases. We recommend housekeeping guests pack groceries in small easy to handle cardboard boxes in case of an overage it is easier to leave behind a few small boxes than sort through items in a larger container. If you weigh your gear with your bathroom scales at home you will have an idea as to how close you are to your weight allowance. Transport Canada's Dangerous Goods Regulations prohibit us from accepting/flying wet 12 volt batteries.

Packing for the Train

All gear should be packed in sturdy containers and clearly labelled with your name, your party's name, and destination (lodge 88). It is best to have one of your party or the rail crew identify your party's gear and keep it separate from other gear being loaded into the baggage car. In inclement weather you should be prepared to cover your gear with a water resistant tarp as you wait for the train on the station platform. Upon arrival at Stop 88 you should ensure your party's gear is piled separately and accounted for prior to heading to the dock area.  Baggage will be loaded onto our trailer, transported to the lodge via our trail and delivered directly to your cottage.

Shore Lunches

American plan guests may opt to have the kitchen pack a shore lunch kit (everytihing but the fish and fillet knife included in kit) or a bag lunch.  Please arrange with your table server.  Shore lunch fire wood and frying pans are available at the dock.  Please ask dock assistant before leaving the dock.

Housekeeping guests can arrange with the kitchen for a shore lunch kit with all the utensils.  Or purchase a complete shore lunch kit with all the fixings.

Fish batter and coating mixes are available for purchase in our Tuck Shop.

Special Diets

American plan guests with special dietary considerations should advise the lodge at least three weeks prior to arrival to ensure we can cater to your needs.

Should you have a special request or not prefer something on our menu please let your server know or arrange with the kitchen who will be pleased to offer an alternate selection.


For your convenience with three weeks advance notice we would be pleased to arrange to have available for your arrival any supplies that would make your stay more comfortable.  Orders will be surcharged 10% plus any additional transportation costs.


A telephone is available in the main lodge for guest use.  No charge.


A large screen satellite TV is available in the main lodge.  A television and DVD player is available in the conference room of the Suites building for guests that are staying there.

Travel Arrangements

We would be pleased to assist you in making your travel arrangements.  We have special arrangements with several hotels for pre and post-holiday stays.  We will book all flights directly with White River Air or other air service as required.  if you need help with booking train tickets please let us know.  We can help.

Don't Forget

  • Passport ID or equivalent
  • Valid Ontario Fishing liscence and Outdoors Card
  • Rods/Reels and tackle/fishing line
  • Your own PDF for the children
  • Rod tip repair
  • Clothing for all weather conditions including rain.  Check our website weather Icon before leaving home on our main webpage.
  • Waterproof footwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Lipbalm
  • Hand lotion
  • Bug spray or nets
  • First Aid kit and bandaids
  • Headache medicine
  • Prescribed drugs
  • Camera and batteries/chargers
  • Filet knife
  • Your lucky fishing hat
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Cooler for shore excursions
  • Cooler to bring fish home
  • Toiletries like tooth brush, paste, shampoo and razor
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Long nose plyers and jaw spreaders for Pike fishermen
  • Water bottle to bring potable water from Lodge on the lake