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Our fishing is second to none. Twenty-seven mile Esnagi Lake is famous for excellent walleye, northern pike, perch and whitefish fishing. The fish are not only plentiful but BIG with many trophies caught every year.   And if that's not enough portage to nearby Rock Lake for world-class spring brook trout fishing!

Our marine equipment is top of the line

Your package includes our heritage 18ft hand-crafted cedar boat paired with a 20hp late model Yamaha four stroke outboard or a 16’ Lund SSV matched with a 20hp Yamaha 4-stroke electric start engine for each two or three fishermen.  Your boat is equipped with swivel seats, seat cushions, life vests, bait buckets, landing nets, paddles and gasoline.  Our attentive dock staff will clean and refuel your boat every time you come off the lake to ensure you are ready to head out whenever you choose!

We are in the process of renewing our marine equipment and while we will maintain our heritage fleet of cedar boats we know there are those who are looking for a different experience while fishing our waters.  We are currently testing two 16ft Lund Fury equipped with 25hp electric start Yamaha outboards.  These tiller boats are perfect for fly fishing and will feature pedestal seats, a casting platform, a walk through arrangement, bilge pumps and our usual array of marine equipment.  Guests can upgrade to these boats at a modest surcharge subject to availability.

We do have a limited supply of fish finders as add-on.  We stock crawlers and minnows throughout the season and leeches in season.

And don't forget your fishing guide

While Esnagi is easy to navigate our guides are experienced and eager to orient you to the lake, get onto some fantastic fishing as well as prepare that northern delicacy known as the shore lunch over an open fire!  We do offer a map of our lake to take along for the adventurous selfguider in you.  Success is in your control.

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