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We find jigs work best.  Try a 1/4oz or 3/8oz yellow or chartreuse jig with no feathers/tails.  Bait the jig with a minnow or leach.  As for line 6lb test works best, clear, no flourescents!  Tie the jig right onto the line.  We don't use leaders or swivels.  Drift and jig.
Williams spoons, small muskie lures, plugs, and spinners.  Try a Bass Noise Maker!  We use a heavier line, 10-14lb test with a leader.  Cast or troll.
white jog PERCH
Use a smaller jig than for walleye, 1/8 oz works best in white or pink.  Bait with a piece of crawler.  We suggest 2-4lb test line.
trout lure LAKE TROUT
We suggest Williams spoons, "Walleye Killers", jigs with tails, or your favourite spoon on a swivel.  Try 8-12lb test line.  Most of our trout lakes are "no live bait" but check with us for the regulation for your location.
speck lure BROOK TROUT
Try Blue Fox Mepps, Little Cleo or some other small spinner with swivel on 6-8lb test line.  Again check with us to the bait regulations at your location as most trout lakes are restricted to "no live bait".

Feel free to call or email us for more fishing information.  We're glad to share our fifty years plus experience with you!

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